Shipping Tips

Our goal is to ensure the safe on-time delivery of your goods; we have compiled a list of shipping tips that will assist both of us.

  • Provide as much notice of an up-coming shipment as possible
  • Know the type of equipment you will need to move your product safely and effectively
  • Know your skid count, size of skids and gross weight
  • Know your target delivery date (when is product required?)
  • Both the freight and paperwork need to be ready
  • Fax a copy of the bill of lading to Trans4 at time of pick up (confirms the shipment particulars)
  • Internet trace via a secure format from our web site
  • Any exceptions on delivery should be called into your customer service representative so that the matter can be handled pro-actively
  • Consider intermodal as an alternative mode of transportation when shipping cross-border coast to coast; intermodal rail service is a solid long-haul opportunity